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Similar to stripes, faux finishing is an alternative to wallpaper and is commonly an accent wall.


Faux finishing is a technique using a decorative paint finish to replicate a certain look, for example marble wood, or stone.


Faux finishing can also be used to hide imperfections in walls too. Faux means false; so, it’s a way of creating an illusion with paint.

For example, in a kitchen, the backsplash could be faux finished to look like stone or brick. We’ve completed faux finishes in laundry rooms and on bathroom ceilings.

On walls, faux finishes add dimension and texture to a surface without literally altering the surface beyond painting.


Bold and impressive, faux finishing is a decorative choice that intensely impacts you when walking into a room—it’s unexpected and thus a WOW.

We will help you to select the correct layering colors to create the effect that you want. Ask us about the gold faux ceiling.

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