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The recently inherited hutch does not “belong” in the dining room. Paint it.


While painting your grandmother’s hutch may be emotionally difficult because you’ve only know it as it was in her home, panting it is one way to make it belong in your home.


Giving the hutch a new color draws attention to it and makes it a focal point in your home…it’s no longer a piece of furniture but a story about your family. 

Of course, you may want all of your furniture in a certain room to be shabby chic. We will use are chalk painting knowledge and skills to make that happen for you.  
The spraying of furniture occurs in our Mechanicsville shop. By taking the furniture out of your home, the potential for over spray is eliminated, and an environment to create a factory quality finish is created.


We also attempt to not disrupt busy routines as much as possible. 

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