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One of the fastest ways to update a kitchen is by replacing the cabinetry. Cabinetry replacement can be a costly endeavor.

Painting the cabinetry is a less expensive way to update. We carefully remove the cabinet doors and spray them in our Mechanicsville shop. Because of the high quality paint and application, the cabinetry is close to factory quality in appearance and smoothness.


While the cabinet doors are sprayed in our shop, the bases are properly prepped and painted in the home. The transformation occurs before your eyes.


The 1980s kitchen is magically brought into the 2000s.
Sometimes, cabinetry is painted because a customer simply wants a new color.


For example, in a bathroom, the vanity may be painted white because it looks better than the gray with the new wall color.


A kitchen island painted orange adds a creative color pop. No matter the reason, painting cabinetry is a simple way to bring a little life back to a space longing to live more vibrantly. 

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